GlamGlow Super Mud Mask Review

After seeing all the hype about the GlamGlow masks and their $100 million dollar valuation, I decided to give it a try. Back in July, I headed to the Sephora in Times Square (the smaller one, since it's less hectic) and bought the GlamGlow Super Mud Mask for $65 USD. The masks were displayed on an end cap showing 4 varieties of the mask. I chose the Super Mud because of its acne-clearing properties and its claims to brighten skin (I have hyper-pigmentation).

Prior to purchasing the jar, I hunted every Sephora in Manhattan, asking for samples of the GlamGlow Super Mud Mask. Every employee in the skincare section informed me that they weren't allowed to dispense this particular mask for samples, so I bought the full version instead.

At first glance, the packaging and branding are absolutely beautiful (the typeface nerd inside me was giddy with happiness). However, the jar packaging is not ideal overtime because of air that can get trapped inside.

I waited until I got back home to Canada so I could try out the mask with my younger sister. She ended up using half the jar! These are the remnants:

The remnants of the mask after my little sister used it.

The mask is dark and had a thinner viscosity than those of other clay masks on the market (the chief ingredient is kaolin clay). This makes the application process easier and I found that it dried a lot faster than the previous clay masks I've used (ex. Origins, St. Ives). Being the impatient person I am, this was a major plus. 

This is my face 30 seconds after initial application:

The mask after 10 minutes.

The gross part: the mask absorbing my OPEC nation of a T-zone. This is at the 15 minute mark.
I left the mask on for about 15-20 minutes and then washed it off. I have a super oily T-zone and that area looked visibly less oily after I used the mask. The next day, my skin looked lovely after I applied my makeup and I felt that it lasted longer. However, my OPEC nation of a T-zone returned back to normal within a few days. 

As for the brightening aspects, my skin did appear brighter after continued use of the mask on a weekly basis. I'm prone to hyper-pigmentation so this is certainly a plus. My younger sister, who has porcelain skin, also noticed brighter skin after continued use.

While this mask does have its upsides (brightening, oil clearing, quick drying) you have to be fully committed to integrating this product into your skin care routine. This can get very expensive overtime but if you have the funds, then go for it!

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