Moroccan Oil Treatment (Original) Review

That's my hair after I put in the Moroccan Oil. It's really great at defining my waves.

I finally caved and paid close to CAD$40 for the Moroccan Oil hair styling product (100mL/3.4fl.oz). By the by, this was the 20% off sale price. I must say, it did awesome things to my hair. My hair is not your typical East Asian hair--it's dry, thick, coarse, and has some wavy/curly strands. It drank up the Moroccan Oil and it was super shiny, smooth, and manageable! I love the formula and the fact that it doesn't have any alcohol, sulfates, or parabens. Basically, it gave me hair commercial hair.

The scent may be a bit overwhelming if you're sensitive to strong musky scents and that was pretty much one of the only cons for me. I enjoy fruity scents more (think Garnier's Fructis line) and felt that the Moroccan Oil was a bit overbearing at times. At most, I used 3 dime-sized pumps a day and concentrated it mostly on my ends. There is a Light version for those of you with oily hair.

The product comes with a separate cap for traveling and the pump has an open/close top, similar to most soap pumps. I felt that I had to wash my hands after using it because it made my skin feel a bit greasy, but this was expected for something that markets itself as an oil. I also bought the Restorative Hair Mask and will review it next week once I give it enough tries. I must say that Moroccan Oil is quickly becoming one of my HG (holy grail) beauty items. Yes, beauty items, not just hair.

How I use it: I pump a dime sized amount into my hands, and twist random 1-inch strands of hair, concentrating mainly on my dry ends.

Overall, I give it 8.0/10.0 on the LipstickNation (LN) scale.

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