Project 10 Pan is a dud

So I caved and bought copious amounts of makeup! I am officially a Project 10 Pan failure. There was little hope to begin with, I might add.

At the IMATS show on Sunday, November 7, I bought 1 MUFE Mat Velvet+ foundation in shade 40 for my kit,  a few brushes (one of which is from Hakuhodo, a Japanese brush company that makes the softest brushes I've ever felt...even better than MAC for some of them), 2 NYX trios, 2 NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencils, and some oil-absorbing sheets. While on a shopping whim (a less severe version of the shopping spree), I bought another MUFE Mat Velvet+ foundation in shade 90 for an upcoming photo shoot.

In my defence, I did buy most of these at discount and I am going to use them in my kit (I go through crease brushes like crazy, it's great to have more than 2 on me when I have multiple models to make up).

I am a complete failure. Anyhow, here are some lovely pictures for you all to oggle at:

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