Test Drive: Geo Angel Blue Circle Lens

Sunny at mycirclelens.com messaged me through my YouTube account way back in late March. She sent me two Geo Angel Circle Lenses in Blue and Brown. I gave the latter to my younger sister as she has been pining for these things in the past year or so. Mycirclelens.com is a US distributer of circle lenses based in California (read: fast shipping and no duty costs for us North Americans) and they were nice enough to offer these complimentary lenses.

The lenses themselves came with an authenticity sticker from Geo and were sealed in their notorious vials. Honestly, I was so frustrated with opening the vials that I resorted to YouTube for assistance.

Here are the lenses:

Me with the lenses in:

From far away, my eyes looked really dark, almost "demonic", according to one viewer.

Overall, I really liked how the lenses enhanced my natural dark brown eyes. The lenses themselves are very delicate and even thinner than my Air Optix soft contacts I use for sight. The Angel Brown lenses were especially good with that. I was not a fan of the bouts of fogginess when the contact moved, however. I also looked like an alien because my eyes looked so large at some points...it kinda freaked out my friends! The Geo Angel Blues were very comfortable and I would probably buy them again. At $25 a pop, they're definitely worth the money as well.

Watch my full review on YouTube: