TEST DRIVE: Geneva's first experience with false nails...

With the semester dwindling down, I decided I had time to pamper myself...with false nails. I have many reservations with false nails, most of them stemming from first day orientations at high school food service jobs. As a germaphobe, I know the dangers and amount of bacteria that false nails attract. 

However, after looking at nail tutorials on YouTube (how do those girls get such long, luscious nails?) and fake nail posts on prom blogs, I was very curious. I set aside my indignation and decided to give the elusive fake nails a try. 

I bought two of these Fingres Edge Black Tip Manicure fake nails from PharmaPlus on sale for around $8 or $9:

My nails before:

And after (I know my skin is a little dry, sorry!):

5 days later (they last for about 10 days):

Overall, I really did like them while they lasted. They lasted for 5 days before they started to break off. I don't expose my hands and nails to hostile environments, unless you consider filing in a crowded filing cabinet a hostile environment. Yes, it was the filing that caused the two nails pictured to break off. 

It took about 5 minutes to apply them for each hand and I was very happy with the instantly-hot results. The glue didn't have an offensive smell and I didn't react to it at all. I didn't cut my cuticles because this invites germs into your nail beds. Even after taking off some of the nails, my cuticles still look healthy. I tried to wash my hands more often than usual because of the amount of germs that accumulate on fake nails. I found that it was difficult to completely remove the glue residue left on my natural nails after the fake ones broke off. 

I'm still trying to get the remaining nails off with copious amounts of acetone (as per the directions on the back), but to little effect. Any suggestions?

Look: 9/10
Ease of application: 10/10
Ease of removal: 6/10

Overall rating: 7/10